Lets Play Pokemon Soul Silver! Pt. 66: Sabrina is HAWT.


Haha, but seriously, she looks a lot better than in Red and Blue versions. Anyway, we explore Saffron City, get a few items, Challenge Sabrina, Then head to Cerulean City for our next order of business. To buy these games: SOUL SILVER: To buy this game in Japanese, for yourself, go here! : www.play-asia.com To buy this game in English (I already did :D ), Click here! : www.play-asia.com HEART GOLD: To buy this game in Japanese ,for yourself, Click here: www.play-asia.com To buy this game in English (I got this one too:D ) Click Here: www.play-asia.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Lets Play Pokemon Soul Silver! Pt. 66: Sabrina is HAWT.
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  • TheBayShadow says:

    Sabrina came to California... Picked up the style...lol

  • GonzalezDavidM says:

    Ur team trash

  • SuperPranksterful says:

    my team

    espeon lv.100
    umbreon lv.100
    pidgeot lv.100
    typhlosion lv.100
    feraligatr lv.100
    nidoqueen lv.100
    and still have'nt beat all the gyms!

  • Angryoctillery says:

    Umm ka6Scope Night-Shade does the damage that is your pokemon's level. ; ) (my new account, posting epic battle next week, subscribe)

  • MixorFactory says:

    lol, 1st what i thought about sabrina was also that she was hawt XD Anyway.
    Sceptile 79
    Feraligatr 86
    Espeon 81
    Charizard(Shiny) 76
    Raichu(volt tackle) 82
    Lucario(after alot of waiting) 87

    Yay think its a pretty awesome team.

  • KingdomheartsII says:

    Faint Attack is a non-miss 60 BP move...

  • KillerMaximum says:

    the routs are so tiny XD

  • ZudeXbox360 says:

    @TheDeimos13 Raichu is 54 and my Dugtrio is 61, btw, I have an incompatible router, so it will take a while, also, I'm sorry, but i do not have a shiny Charizard, and with the Deoxys, just put it in its attack form. One more thing, what is your code and name?

  • TheDeimos13 says:

    @ZudeXbox360 and when im available.... hmmmm I could do it tomorrow at about 12:00 tomorrow,, well it doesnt really matter which time tomorrow, because I have alot of free time.

  • TheDeimos13 says:

    @ZudeXbox360 well what lvl is your shiny raichu and shiny dugtrio?? i would trade infernape for raichu and something else for dugtrio, see my bro REALLY wants a shiny pokemon so ima try to get him the shiny dugtrio. well ill trade you a deoxys for shiny dugtrio, you could tell me which form you want it in and i would get it for ya. But the pokemon i probably desire would be shiny charizard. It is black and i think it looks sick. Plus if you could do that for me, could you infect it?

  • ZudeXbox360 says:

    @TheDeimos13 Im cool with infernape, plus, which pokemon do you desire? if i don't have it, than its not so good, but if i do, but it has no PKRS, i'll infect it and make sure it stays infected with it.
    One more thing, when are you going to be most likely available (so we can trade)

  • ZudeXbox360 says:

    @TheDeimos13 Pt: 5730 9091 2678 has all of my shinies (JUDE[yes, its stupid] is the name)
    SS: 3825 1500 9262 has all of my PKRS pokemons (GOLD is teh name)

  • TheDeimos13 says:

    @SuperJohnthebomb which one knows surf??

  • TheDeimos13 says:

    @ZudeXbox360 hmmm well i have a lvl 100 infernape for your shiny riachu if thats good and the pokemon i like are probably

    Tyranitar, i have him but he is in my box right now. i mostly like charizard and kinda a shny giratina but my team is really good, sad to say its not ALL legit but some of them are i mean i used SOME rare candies. i do not have a action replay.. And i would like to have a pokemon with PKRS. And sry man, if you asked me i woulda traded my lvl 100 kyogre. whats your code??

  • ZudeXbox360 says:

    @TheDeimos13 Im transfering my Jirachis to my Soul Silver game! Also, what pokemon would you like?
    for now, i want a Kyogre. Also, do you want it with a PKRS virus? I will be willing to trade away my Shiny Riachu or a Shiny Dugtrio (Both of them are legit shinies)

  • TheDeimos13 says:

    @ZudeXbox360 i had

    Darkrai lvl 100

    Feraligatr lvl 100

    Jirachi lvl 100

    Typhlosion lvl 100 (migrated)

    Salamence lvl 100 (GTS)

    Aggron lvl 100 (GTS too)

  • CrabbyDarth2122 says:

    Sabrina is replaced with an ugly pugly thing O_e

  • nuckolsstangl says:

    Want to become a youtube superstar this weekend? Im not kidding, checkout Y2BVIEWs com people getting huge views in short space of time.

  • nerdiniss says:

    can somebody please tell me how to get houndoom?

  • stealinbeaner says:

    man you think a cartoon is hot ur a fag

  • stealinbeaner says:

    man a cartoon is hot ur a fag

  • niggaslikeme1 says:

    wtf is up with all these japaniess versions